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irma KOHEL

"Where the hand goes, the eye follows: where the eye goes the mind follows: where the mind goes, the heart follows, and thus is born expression'' Sanskrit writing

Irma KOHEL is graphic and product designer born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graduate of Graphic design and Design New Media at the University of Digital Arts, Belgrade.

Designs in the domain of various media, forms and spaces. Works as a graphic designer in the field of visual communications. Designs visual identities and has special interest in merging product design with graphic design in the form of prints on clothes and materials.

Irma KOHEL label is a continuation of graduation thesis ”Expression in the function of graphic multimediality”.

Minimal graphic pieces, made with passion and energy for people to wear and feel good.
Clothes without gender and size difference. Vegan friendly.
Concept stores

Places you can find Irma KOHEL label design. Check out:

Bazerdžan, Sarajevo BIH

Veliki ćurčiluk 12, Sarajevo
+387 62 171 417

Jevremova 25, BELGRADE Serbia

Višnjićeva 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia


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